Corporate Information Greeting from the President

Greeting from the President

The President of Beruf Corporation Hiroshi Kotsuki

From Japan to the world / from the world to Japan
Beruf connects the world with great personnel and responds to even more diverse society.

[People Come First.]

With this phrase and our business philosophy, our company has developed various business services since the establishment in 1997 for 20 years. The above period, Beruf have developed main casher operations and floor management operations of a food section at station buildings and department stores, contract services for any business operations, operations of the company’s own grocery stores, of fitness gyms, and of restaurants. All of them require good personnel as their backbone.

Because these services cannot be run without the power of personnel, we at Beruf care about them and focus on personnel development. With all these efforts, the personnel of Beruf has been highly applauded in various fields including retails, distribution, food services, etc. We plan to expand the Japanese spirit of Omotenashi to the world as we include overseas personnel from many different countries.

Thanks to your support, our overseas department, established in 2015, has so far successfully produced a total number of 2000 graduates from Omotenashi School in the headquarters and Hanoi in Vietnam. The graduates have been dispatched to various companies and working as a cleaner for guestrooms of hotels. For the future, we continue introducing skilled students as well as those with internship to businesses.

Our company is determined to establish an in-house system that can respond to diverse society as we have become a member of the Diversity Attendant Association, established in June 2016. We also plan to increase the number of overseas staff as well as overseas hubs.

Our business fields have been expanded from Japan to the world, yet Beruf’s philosophy of “People Come First” still applies to any counties. Using the power of our personnel, all our staff strive to move ahead to deliver the excellent business cultures of Japan and the Omotenashi spirit to the world.

The President of Beruf Corporation
Hiroshi Katsuki
April 2017