Staff recruitment

Beruf produces the best matching opportunity between personnel and companies.

Recruitment of full-time workers

Through our 20-year services, we have introduced full-time staff mainly to distribution and retail fields including stores, store development, supervisors and for headquarters.

In response to new demands within Japan and for business expansion to overseas, we find excellent overseas staff with a work visa.

Flow of recruitment

Main fields of our employment service

We operate our employment service mainly for those related to customer services.

In the fields of distribution and customer service, the quality of “personnel” greatly affects to their business performance. For example, one restaurant has boosted its sales by 1.5 times after having a new store manager. Also, finding a good location, designing, planning and construction of a store are done by personnel, as well as choosing products to sell.

There are a more number of people than you think, who wish to apply their personal experience and skill to jobs at other companies. We at Beruf support these people to find the best match to the right job.

Business facilities
Developers / real estate development / consultation on business facilities / consultation on properties
  • Consultation on business facilities
  • Tenants for leasing
  • Operation / management
  • Sales planning
  • Purchase of lands
  • Store development
  • Property development
  • Environment designing
Interior business
Store interior / store designing / office designing / interior construction / interior designing
  • Construction management
  • Designers
  • Designing
  • Facility designing
  • Calculation
  • Suggestion on business operations
  • Planner
Store management
Specialty stores / GMS / food supermarkets / convenience stores / drug stores / DIY / aesthetic salons / online stores / SPA business / manufacturers / online sales
  • Store manager
  • Manager
  • Supervisor
  • Area manager
  • Sales staff
  • Buyer
  • Merchandising
  • Visual merchandising
  • Product development
  • Location development
  • Store management
  • Store designing
  • Route business operations
  • Building and repair
  • Distribution
  • Product management
  • Ordering
  • Controller
Food / restaurants
Japanese / western / Chinese / sushi / Italian / French / wedding / creative cuisines / side dishes / fast food / home-delivery service / food court
  • Store manager
  • Waiter / waitress
  • Chef
  • Kitchen staff
  • Sommelier
  • Head chef
  • Pantry chef
  • Sweets making
  • Chef for Japanese cuisines
  • Sushi chef
  • Reception staff
  • Female manager
  • Supervisor
  • Area manager
  • Product development
  • FC development
  • Property development
  • Designing
  • Ordering
Positions at the headquarters
All the positions
  • Management position
  • Department director
  • Management / planning
  • Advertisement
  • Sales promotion
  • Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • General affairs
  • Personnel
  • Law-related business
  • Patent
  • Office work
  • Secretary
  • In-house safety evaluation
  • Candidates for board members
  • Candidates for the president

Personnel Dispatch

Personnel dispatch
(customer services / interpreter, sales staff, assistant chefs, light works at warehouses and factories within Japan)

Personnel dispatch
(customer services / interpreter, sales staff, assistant chefs, light works at warehouses and factories within Japan)

We not only dispatch Japanese workers to overseas, but our service also includes the worker dispatch of overseas personnel, who visit Japan to learn Japanese language and the culture. Before the dispatch, we have meetings with these workers and give adequate education.

Especially for overseas personnel, we organize training before they arrive in Japan and give them training with two-week long curriculums.

Omotenashi School

Beruf runs training to overseas personnel on Japanese language and business manners in Japan before / after they arrive in Japan !

We give lectures and role-playing style training to overseas students, who wish to find full-time or part-time work in Japan, on things they need to know before working in Japan such as Japanese language and business manners.

Flow of getting a job for overseas student