Developers Support

We support cashers at food and product sales floors
at business facilities and department stores in all over Japan.

Our professionals with practical experience support 200 worksites in a retail field
from large-scaled / complexed business facilities, station buildings, and department
stores to multiple store development including specialty stores and restaurants.

Casher service

By effectively using our specialty of this field, we enhance customer service and cost performances at casher areas.

We establish a smooth flow in the operation and management at cashers in an accurate, quick and appropriate manner using our professional views.

Typical map of a casher's area
Example of casher operations

Casher / sales support

  • Operation and management of a central casher area in the food section

    Arrangement of casher staff, customer services, and jobs related to accounting management, two cashers – all.

  • Operation and management of sales cashers (daily necessities, miscellaneous goods, etc.

    Arrangement of casher staff, customer services, and jobs related to accounting management

  • Contracted jobs for sales at food stores (agency service for store operation)

    Customer services and sales of delicatessen, snacks, local products, product management, and all other jobs for store management

  • Service counter

    Reception of orders for delivery, gift wrapping, issuance of car park tickets and shopping vouchers, reception of lost & found items using a point card, control of lockers, etc.

Support for store operation and management

Our professionals with practical experience in a retail field support work scenes
at from large-scaled /complexed business facilities, station buildings, department stores to
development of multiple stores including specialty stores, restaurants, etc

Support for sales management

Support within business facilities

We send specialist for customer services to a site with customers.
  • Information counter staff
  • Manager for a food section
  • Event and festival staff
  • Service counter staff
  • Sales staff for different items
We conduct an agency service for various business services from specialty stores to food court.
  • Shops / restaurants and outsourcing services
  • Services at food courts
  • Management for bike and car parking areas of business facilities.

Training for customer services and research on customer services
(our original PDCA training / award system / training systems for different job titles)

  • Training for casher services

    From meeting to sending off customers, we give training to trainees on from customer services to handling of customers.

  • Training on basic business manners

    We give training to trainees on business manners, morals and customs of business partners and customers.

  • OJT training

    In OJT training, trainees learn how to examine issues in customer services at an actual site of a customer’s worksite, and conduct researches and receive instructions.

  • Provision of the items necessary for unique customer service competitions to be held within a company

    We provide and give instructions to conduct customer service competitions within a customer’s company.

  • Internal / external research on customer service

    This research on customer services of casher staff and store staff is to find how customers observe their services. This is not a general consultation.

The best cost performance produced by Beruf
  1. Initial investment
    • Job ad fees
    • Staff for job interviews
    • Training
    • Lecture fees
    • Fees for personnel before store opening
    • Fees for support staff for store opening
  2. After the opening of a store
    • Job ad fees
    • Training fees
    • Items necessary for cashers
    • Insurances on movables
    • Cash from miscalculation
  1. You can save big sums annually !